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Interior Doors

Selecting the right door to complement your new construction, renovation or decorating project is very important.  A new door is just the finishing touch that will dramatically bring your project to life.  Boni's Doors makes choosing the right door easy by offering a broad range of door designs that are almost certain to meet any architectural style or application requirements.


Entry & Exterior Doors

Boni's Doors knows that you not only want to make a good first improession, but a lasting one as well.  That's why we offer the most comprehensive line of beautiful and durable entry systems.  A Boni's Doors front door will add curb appeal, crease the vlaue of your home, and most importantly, make your home more beautiful.  With a Boni's Door you get everything you need - value, beauty, durability and protection from the weather.

Paint or Stain?

Start by choosing wether your decor calls for a painted or stained door.  If it's a painted look you want, select any interior door.  They can all be painted.  If you'd rather stain your doors, we can assist you with your selection with the wide array of stains available to make your door look .  No matter which you choose, you'll be adding the finishing touch to your decorating project.

Choose Your Style

Boni's Doors knows that the right door and the right design can make all the difference.  That's why we have a design to perfectly fit your new consturction, decorating or renovation plans.  From traditional to contemporary, rustic or craftsman style, we have exactly what you need.  Boni's Doors are available in a variety of design options from our traditional 6 panel, to our Fontainebleau.  Choose the door that best complements your home's architectural style and application.  


Choose Your Construction

Our wood panel doors already feature an engineering, solid, stile & rail construction.  However, if you've chosen a panel or flush door for your project, you may also select a solid or hollow core construction.  This will allow you to choose and install the door that is best for you and your family or application.  Solid core doors are most durable.  They have the heft and feel of a solid wood door and provide superior sound transmission properties for extra privacy - especially for bed and bedrooms.  Fire-rated doors also require solid core construciton (not all solidy core doors are fire rated).

Entry & Exterior Doors


Choose Your Style

Based on your honme's architectural style choose the entry door design that's best for your.  Yo can select a traditional, contemporary, modern or rustic deisgn, with or without glass.  Boni's Doors has exactly what you need.  We have one of the largest and most comprehensive lines of exterior doors on the market.

Wood:  You will be pleased to know that Boni's Doors has the best selection of wooden doors in the industry.  We have the largest variety with more designs and options.    Boni's Doors are a great value and with a virtually endless selection to choose from.

Choose Your Material

When it's time to choose the door material, remember that Bonis Doors offers a very comprehensive selection to meet all of your design, performance and application requirements - Fiberglass and Wood.

Fiberglass: Boni's Doors doors feature high-performance fiberglass facings, decorative glass and true square edge consturction. They are available with a smooth or textured finish, offering the look of beautifully finished wood without all the maintenance. Choose a fiberglass door if you are looking for lasting durability, live in areas with challenging climates or just simply prefer a low-maintenance door.

Choose Your Glass

Bonis Doors lets you maximize the beauty and impact of your new door by providing you with the largest selection of clear and decorative glass options.  Masonite takes great pride in presenting a beautiful, creative and exciting collection of decorative glass design with unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship.  We have glass designs from classic, to contemporary with a variety of unique styles, to complement your home's architectural features.  The decorative glass will embrase the natural light and transform it into a creative and beautiful presentation leaving a lasting first impression.  Bonis Doors designs enhance both the appearance and value of your home without compromising security or privacy. l With a semmingly endless array of different glass deisgn and configurations, backed by years of experience, Bonis Doors will help you to create a truly beautiful door that will exceed your expectations, impress your neighbors and most importantly....incrase the value of your home.

Interior Doors


How to Install?

If you have chosen to "do-it-yourself,"  you are not alone.  There's been a remarkable resurgence of individuals who take pleasure and pride in transforming their homes themselves.  However, if you are not comfortable with the installation, please contact us and we will provide you with a contractor for your project, who is lisenced and insured.


Hurricane Impact Doorglass

Storm Protection & Beauty at Your Doorway

Meets and exceeds the following building codes: IBC & IRC, ASTM E1886, E1996 & E330 Florida Building code for high velocity hurricane zones (TAS 201, 202, & 203) Florida Approval #FL11515 (www.floridabuilding.org)
Attractive vinyl frame with convenient cap to cover all screws.
Eliminates the need for hurricane shutters.
Specifically engineered to meet Florida, Texas and other coastal area requirements for structural and impact performance.

9000 Pressure cycles pass water and air infiltration tests.
Easy to paint or stain!